Order Fourth Degree Top Coat Now

The new Fourth Degree top coat is now available for sale at The Supply Room. It is a beautiful, full cut 100% wool light weight coat that has a very nice feel and fit. IMG 1049

We have to rely on the DM or CCC to make the decision on top coats, as well as if swords are to be used. 

I understand that everyone is not going to purchase a top coat. We don't want to deny men to participate in a call out simply because they have no top coat.

Let's use our common sense and have those in top coat march / stand together, and those without top coats the same.  Let's not complicate things.

Pins, only the PG-113 pin shall be worn on the top coat lapel at the buttonhole.

Absolutely no service medals will be worn on the top coat. Medals are reserved for wear only on the uniform jacket.